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Fantoft Stave Church

Known all over the world for its crazy architecture, Fantoft is one of this stave churches built around year 1000 all around Norway when Christians first arrived on this pagan field… This particular churches made of wood have been exposed to many controversial stories in the 90’s and this one in particular. When the Black Metal music was created in Norway, many of the protagonists raised against Christianity and were claiming for a return to Paganism. On the 6th of june 1992, Varg Vikernes, founder of Black Metal band Burzum, set fire to Fantoft’s church. According to Varg Vikernes, “the church was burned as an act of retaliation against Christianity for placing a church on sacred Pagan grounds”. He was the first to attempt this kind of crime and has been followed by many all around Norway. From 1200 Stave Churches built in the middle age, only 31 are still standing on the Norwegian field. On the 31 churches, 9 have been the target of arsons more or less connected to the Norwegian Black Metal scene. They say Fantoft stave church is one of the scariest in Norway due to his facade and the location. Built on a small hill, surrounded by a massive forest you hardly see it until you get super close to it… Since I am young, I’ve always been interested in the Norwegian Black Metal culture. Visiting it with knowing all what happened there was a great experience even more when you consider I did it under a foggy and rainy day. This church has for sure something special and the place is just mystic…


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